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Lifetron Hospital is a unit of Dwarka Prasad Health Cares Research Private Limited.

" We bring Medanta Gurgaon's world-class expertise and experience to your patients at Kanpur and surrounding areas .For OPDs in the speciality of Spine and Otho , Neurology and Cardiology please contact us. "

Welcome to Lifetron Hospital!

Lifetron is an ISO 9001:2008 certified 118 bedded World Class Multi-speciality hospitals, built according to International and National Standards. The hospital has got laid down Quality Policy and Quality Manual, based on relevant Indian Standards, which have been implemented and observed in the working of hospital.

Our assets are qualified, trained, and courteous and customer oriented medical paramedics and support staffs. Galaxy of specialist and super specialist experienced and accomplished clinician and doctors are our pillars. As Lifetron hospital is committed to excellence and ethics, outstanding and quality care of every patient is our objective. The hospital has got facilities for almost complete Secondary Care and is moving towards Tertiary Care.


"Humanity will take Lifetron Hospital into higher trajectory of Global leadership of pioneering medical expertise and innovative personalised care."


To provide quality health care and services at affordable price in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness.

To attract and support specialists and other health care professionals of the highest character and greatest skill.

To support research & development into the causes and treatment of human illness and education in the health professions.


Current News

  • pain

    Pain Clinic

    Advanced Physiotherapy Center at Lifetron Hospital helps in easing the sufferings and improving quality of yourlife. One stop solution for all Chronic Pain.

  • prp

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Therapy)

    PRP is a next-generation injection procedure commonly used to treat – Tendinitis, Ligament Sprains, Ankle Sprains, Tennis Elbow, ACL Injuries, Rotator Cuff Tears, Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine, Chronic Plantar Fasciitis, Back and Neck Injuries, Pelvic Pain and Instability, etc. Super-Concentrated Platelets Help Accelerate Healing of Injured Tissues.


  • I was having high fever for over one week and convulsions over two days. I fell unconscious. My parents admitted me in ICU of Lifetron Hospital. Doctors and paramedics started my treatment immediately and I regained my conscious in 24 hours. I was diagnosed Viral Encephalitis and with the best treatment, I recovered fully and was discharged from the hospital in a week. When I was leaving the hospital, I saw tears of gratitude in the eyes of my parents, who almost lost the hope of my survival. Thanks Lifetron!

    • Mayank Pandey
    • Kannauj,Kanpur
  • In a road accident, l had grievous injuries and was brought to Lifetron Hospital by some unknown persons in unconscious condition. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in hospital bed with pain in full body, not able to move my limbs, acute headache. I cried and fainted again. After intensive care, followed by hip surgery, I am being discharged today. Lifetron Hospital treated me in ICU without any fee till my relatives arrived. Thanks for saving my life.

    • Vivek Dubey
    • Keshavpuram, Kanpur
  • Lifetron means - Services and Care. I was diagnosed TB Meningitis, when I was admitted afterweeklong high fever. After intensive care and treatment, I got cured in five days. I liked the personal care of nursing staffs and hygiene maintained by Lifetron Hospital. I recommend Lifetron Hospital.ONLY.

    • Savita
    • Rawatpur,Kanpur
  • My dream for becoming mother would have been shattered, had my husband not brought me to Lifetron Hospital in emergency. I was admitted under severe foetal distress and underwent an emergency operation to get my son delivered. I owe my life and my son to Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar. I am going out with my healthy son. Thank you Ma'am and thanks Lifetron.

    • Manju Chaurasia
    • Mandhana, Kanpur
  • I never thought that a caesarean delivery in a hospital ofmy native place, Fatehpur, would almost kill me. Post caesarean, I was transfused blood, which reacted. My relatives decided to take me to Lifetron Hospital, which is more than 100 km from Fatehpur and I was admitted in ICU. I was on the ventilator for five days. There was no urine output and so as part of my treatment, I underwent five dialysis. Today, after ten days, I am being discharged and I will be able to see my newborn child. I want to give 100% credit to Lifetron team for my recovery. Please take the help of Lifetron Hospital, when you are in need.

    • Gomati
    • Fatehpur,UP
  • My nine-month-old son was admitted in Lifetron Hospital for severe uncontrolled diarrhoea. During ultrasonography, Doctor reported problem in the right kidney of my son. My wife started crying, but I had full faith in Lifetron and God. A team of experienced doctors of Lifetron Hospital did “ Nephrectomy “ and now my son is recovering. I keep coming to the hospital for follow up. Team of Lifetron is extremely co-operative and courteous. I like the human touch of the management. Visit Lifetron for better health care at the best price.

    • Father of Mohd. Sariq
    • Amraodha, UP
  • I choose Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar for my pregnancy guide, doctor and everything, when I conceived. She is like my mother. I had visited Lifetron Hospital almost every month in past nine months. I delivered a healthy son. Lifetron team stood by me and my husband as a family member. My stay here was extremely comfortable. Staffs are courteous. Lifetron Hospital gives the best value of your money. I recommend you to take the services of Lifetron Hospital.

    • Pooja
    • Railbazar Railway Colony, Kanpur

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